Yanur Islam Piash Square


Feel free to connect me on LinkedIn or by email at yanur.piash[at]gmail[dot]com


I have 6+ years of startup-building experience in the edTech industry. Founded my first startup Bohubrihi during my university days, bootstrapped it for four years, and got acquihired by Shikho in a cash-and-stock deal in late 2021. After heading it for another two and a half years, I exited in Feb 2024 to build my next SaaS company Monsha.AI.

Products, Customers, and Go-To-Market strategies are my areas of expertise. Finding problems, building solutions, getting them out in the market – and building a meaningful business along the way.

I’m an introverted leader, driven by fulfillment, and inspired by authenticity.


I cycled more than 7000km in last couple of years; want to ride the same distance in 2024. Ran my first full marathon in January 2024.


I studied Chemical Engineering at BUET, country’s premier engineering university. This campus shaped me, connected me with all the right people, enhanced my horizon, gave me confidence, brought me out of my comfort zone and into entrepreneurship. Best 4 years of my life!


Cycling, Running, Late night strolls.
Tours: short, long, planned, unplanned.
Winter, Rain, Downtown Dhaka, Countryside.


Phone calls, Ceremonies, Parties (I’m an ISTJ).
Clickbait news, Radicalism.